Chicago improviser: Josie Dykas

Josie Dykas

Josie Dykas Producer/Co-Director/ Writer/ Performer (Aztec/Yaqui/Polish) started her comedy career at the age of 2. She studied at Chicago’s Second City (Chicago), UCB (NYC), Chicago City Limits (NYC), IO (Chicago) with Del Close and with one of SNL’s original writer’s Anne Beatts. She has been in many productions, here favorite’s being “My Big Fat Quincenera” and”Stylin’ n Racial Profilin’”. Her stand up credits includes the Ha-ha Café, the Icehouse in Pasadena and The World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood. Currently she works as an artist with Northeastern University teaching Native Story telling and improv/comedy in an after school program in Cicero. She is also working on a documentary about rediscovering her roots entitle “Urban Indigenous” as well (see trailer on Youtube). She hopes to help inspire and teach the youth to use comedy as a muse of self expression, helping our community heal through laughter. “We have to know our past, to deal with today, to change the future.” Josie would like to thank the Creator for making this possible, her family for there support, the elders she met in Ca (Yaqui, Aztec, Lakota, Blackfoot, Navaho, Chumash, Tongva, Crow, Apache, etc) for there guidance and all of you for coming tonight!