Bughouse Theater

2054 W. Irving Park Rd. View on Google Maps

Bughouse Theater is a collection of artists, actors, writers, and filmmakers who decided to create a new venue for themselves and their community. We are dedicated to building Ensembles, with the belief that a group of connected, supportive individuals can accomplish great things on stage and screen, in their communities and in their own lives. We are dedicated to the enrichment of communities through the arts and the enrichment of the arts through community. We are dedicated to the principle of the artist owned venue. The name “Bughouse” is taken from Chicago’s Bughouse Square, a gathering place for orators, free speech advocates and rabblerousers of old. “Bughouse” was slang for mental institution, and seemed to fit the cast of characters that frequented the square. It is in the spirit of that place that we hope to establish ourselves. *Bughouse Theater is a private, non-profit club organization founded in 2007.

Recent shows:

Fri Oct 19 2012 at 8:00pm @ Bughouse Theater. Featuring Switch Committee
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